We are a most excellent health platform, we only take the highest end of the line, we are the industry of Hermes, are the fighter of rooster . YOU SPA health platform commitment: website technicians are real life photos and short videos of life, photos and videos and the same per capita, individual technicians I am more excellent than the photos, such as fake is willing to assume all responsibility, compensation for losses. SPA service first-class, professional massage techniques, advanced health concept, unique maintenance methods; We will strive to create a new era of global health platform!

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you spa platform, which was founded in Shanghai in 2009, was originally named allure boys' Club - allure male model guild hall - seducing spa platform. It has gone through four major transitions, from a small club to 700 + registered technicians, 500 + visitors per day and 3000 + visitors per day. At present, it is one of the largest spa green network platforms in China, and this platform has gone through more than ten years In recent years, the company is committed to building a comprehensive high-end spa organization, including online exchange and advertising cooperation. It provides dedicated and focused high-quality services, and provides advertising promotion services for individual spa owners and Spa clubs to drive and promote the development of the overall spa industry, especially male spa clubs. Male spa clubs are professional men's leisure clubs for men It provides professional service, unique, romantic and warm decoration style in the store. It is a harbor for high-grade men's leisure, and also the best leisure place for people to work hard. High quality service can make people relax and enjoy the most. The environment is elegant and the service skills are exquisite. It mainly aims at the sub-health caused by the high tension of men's work pressure. It provides the most comprehensive beauty and body care services for male friends, and shows the charm of men's health. Provide high quality service for men. Let men's beauty, beauty body meaning to be more perfect embodiment, reproduce the perfect masculinity of men's charm. The collection of outstanding technicians, boutique fashion service, high-end value-added enjoyment, international business philosophy, modern management mode, dedicated service for every man! At the same time, it has made great contribution to keep people's physical and mental health! "We only do the highest end" - has always been the motto of our spa platform, and also the direction of our daily efforts!
you spa platform -- service improves quality, strength creates value!

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